Online Dating, Sorta.

A while back, I met a girl and an amazing photographer. We met on facebook in a local photog group. We set up a date to meet in person over sushi. We both wore silver tops. I was instantly smitten with her. It’s not often that as a grown up you make new really good friends, but the instant I met her I knew she was for me. Not long after that meeting, she and her family decided to move back home to a far away place that I’ve never been. Minnesota. I know it’s a state. I learned that in grade school. But, it sounds like a movie. It’s that far away to me. I was sad, but with technology I knew we’d keep in touch. We had lunch again at the same sushi place just before she left. We both wore flowery dresses.

Athena came back to Austin this past week to do some shooting and I invited her to stay with us. She came in, we shared some wine and talked until midnight (late for me!). She loved on my raucous kids, loved on my doggie, loved on my coffee and tolerated the sleepless night in which Evie threw up a dozen times until the next afternoon. We watched Dirty Dancing together. Oh yeah, that happened. She gave me dried lavender. She played with my kids. She bought me nail polish and she took pictures of me and my littles together on a swing.

Before she arrived, I knew I wanted to get some pictures of her, but we didn’t have a lot of time what with her shooting schedule and my kids’ sports practices, games and illnesses. But, the morning before her big shoot on the windiest day ever, I grabbed my sluggish old 5d (she has a cute, perky nikon) and snapped a few of her.

You can see she has a soul meant for friendship. I loved having her here in our lives. She left some of her sweet energy behind and for that and her friendship, I am grateful. I wish we had had more time together just the two of us, but that will come later. I am sure.

Hugs and love, Athena!

P.s. Check out her work. She is an amazing photographer!

athena - April 17, 2012 - 5:28 pm

So here I am at my dumb cube-farm job, stuck sitting at my boring desk, missing you. So, like any heartsick friend would do, I come to your blog -your space on the internets- where I can breathe deep, and close my eyes, and pretend to hear Millie’s nails on the hardwood, and Liam’s infectious little boy screams. Where I can almost smell fresh-brewed coffee and dried lavender. And then you do this. You write this post and make me fall totally completely head-over-toes in friend-love with you and it just makes me miss you MORE. You are such a blessing to my life, Anna. I’m crazy happy to know you and am so thankful for our tiny bit of time toghether..sickness and all. Thank you – for providing so much more than just a guest room. THank you for YOU. And Bill and Liam and Evie and Maddie (and Millie, too). For all you ZaPOteks and the love that ABOUNDS from you all. Love forever, friend. fReal. xxoo

Mercedes - May 14, 2012 - 10:45 am

This is one of the sweetest ever blog posts I’ve read (and seen) in a while!

Anna - May 14, 2012 - 10:55 am

Thank you, Mercedes. I meant every word.

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