Millie is her name

And, being cute and sleepy is her game. So, we got the kids (and me) a puppy for Christmas. It’s been my lifelong dream – to get a puppy for Christmas. Funny thing is…a few weeks ago I said to Bill, “wouldn’t it be awesome to get the kids a puppy for Christmas?” He said, “yeah, right. In your dreams.” Ok, he didn’t really say that, but that’s what I interpreted from the look he gave me. He’s a cat person.

Flash forward to that very afternoon, my uncle Tony texted me and said his neighbor’s Border Collies had just had puppies and they MIGHT be ready to go to their homes by Christmas. And, Tony had been planning to come visit with us for Christmas. “What!!!?” I said. Well, I had to be talked down from two puppies to one and we told Tony to pick one out for us and he picked the best one. Now, let it be known, I’m all for a rescue dog and we’ve tried it twice. Long story short, we decided to get a puppy with the thought that whatever behavior problems she ends up with (if any) would be our fault and we would know her history. But, she won’t have problems cuz we are awesome. So, it’s harder, yes. She is NOT housebroken. She does NOT sleep at night and she has yet to learn what not to bite. However, she seems to have a very calm and bright spirit and seems to want to fit in with us and we are very happy with her. Liam is not thrilled with her because she gets her needle teeth caught in his socks. Evie loves her, but equally loves her video games. Maddi could not have been more excited about getting a puppy for Christmas. She’s eleven. A puppy…come on. She really wanted a lizard, but I think this trumps it. Will post updates, but here is the most recent activity up until a few moments ago. Happy Holidays!

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